Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Waking the Sleeping Giant


Does the Liberal Left, their cohorts in the mainstream media, and their complicit tech giant buddies have any idea that they are on the brink of waking the most powerful force in the history of the world, a sleeping giant.

I don’t think they can even fathom the depths of the hole they have dug for themselves. The more they censor, the more they call us bigots and racists, the larger this force of patriots grows.

It is completely obvious to the common person what is right, and what is wrong. The average liberal seems to be living in a fantasy world. New trends like #WalkAway demonstrate the lack of appeal the democrat party holds for its constituents. The more they increase their rhetoric, the more people (voters) leave their party.

Dan Bongino said it best a few weeks ago, “New rules, we don’t care, we are going to play by the same rules the Liberals use!”

Now, they have poked the bear and now the masses are awakening to the madness of the Liberal Left and the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party.

Google Developed AI Bots….Steering Discourse?

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