Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Bongino Calls Out Gutless Op-Ed Author


Here is a link to the Conservative Review where they share an excerpt of the Dan Bongino Show where Bongino lambasts the “gutless punk” for his weak spine by remaining anonymous!

In typical Bongino legendary fashion he dismantles the author as a weakling, someone who is too invested in themselves and not a real patriot for staying in the shadows. Dan compares his own previous experiences while serving as a Secret Service agent in the Obama. While serving in the Obama White House he did not like the direction of the administration, so like a man, a real man, he packed up his stuff and returned his shield to his superior and resigned his position at the Secret Service. He lost his retirement, his benefits and his career for something he felt strongly about.

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‘Gutless punk’: Dan Bongino unloads on anonymous Resistance official in Trump admin

Dan Bongino

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